Thats the second and last part about EVOl, a Germany based artist we already introduced to you last month

Enjoy his works behind the jump…

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Aerial7 already got quite fame in the game, after launching in 2008. As trend setting as they are their range goes from eye catching colorful headphones to simple blacked out headphones to match everybodys taste. 3 new over-the-ear style and one ear-bud  are the new Street Series. One remarkable fact is, that the headphones are iPhone ready.

Check the whole range behind the jump…

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As the home of analogue photography Lomography likes to think they’ve been doing their bit to keep Polaroid-style photography alive. They’re back with not one but two new Fuji Instax Mini 25 models to keep your fingers on the instant pulse.

nl_instax_new_15These Cheki cameras are another collaboration with the notorious Japanese photographer and Cheki-pro Yonehara Yasumasa. Each camera comes with a small book by Yone on how to take great Cheki photos. Read on to find out a little more about the Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25 and the Instax Mini 25 White.

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We already informed you about the  launch of the new Mini Diana F+ earlier and now Lomography dropped a stylish leather bag to protect her bigger sister the Diana F+.

As it’s tough world out there for a plastic camera you should definitely go and buy your Diana this little practical “ready to shoot bag” made out of high quality organically finished (vegetable-tanned) leather. Of course it’s lightweight but durable withstand any hard knocks.It’s a completely new design form the earlier Diana Bag, they went right back to basics and created an entirely different bag which has been vigorously tested and is ready to shoot as well as everything else. If you want to shoot without taking your Diana F+ out of its bag, that’s no problem! The removable inner bag has specially embossed snap-buttons that attach onto the main Read to Shoot Bag. Slide your Diana F+ inside the inner bag then clip it into the main bag and you’re ready to shoot! Easy as that! and the Flash Bag behind the jump…

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This is a little tease for the upcoming collaboration between DC Life and U.K. sneaker scientist Nash Money. Stay tuned as the DC Life x Nash Money project drops August 31st.

[via radcollector]


The in Germany based company LemonAid Beverages Gmbh made it to their purpose to create lemonade with the goal to make the world a better place, at least a bit. The ingredients are all fair trade and match the highest standard. By purchasing a bottle of their LemonAid or ChariTea you help them to support the farmers in South America and provide a better live for them as they get paid adequate prices for their products. Fairetrade supports the farmers and invests in social projects to increase their standart of living. Not enough LemonAid Berverages Gmbh donates a reasonable part of their turnovers after every business year.

LemonAid about thir products:

“We, the founders of LemonAid, do not want to just sell Leomade. But drinking to change the world, a little at least. That is why we gave up our jobs in the advertising and food industry and started to mix a truly sustainable lemonade. First while traveling in Sri Lanka, then in a small kitchen in the “Karoviertel”, today a small organic company based in Southern Germany helps us.”

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openerAs we are all still stoked about the mini Diana F+ , YX?CX! would like to take that chance to introduce to you another two amazing Lomography cameras.

Open your eyes wide, and take it all in – the sweeping view ahead of you, and every detail in sight. From one side to the other, from the grounds up to the skies – a panoramic image tells more than just a story, but an experience like no other. It reveals things that you would normally overlook – captured in one stretch, in one click, in one pan of the swing-lens! Introducing the finest Russian 120° panoramic beasts in our Lomographic lineup – the Horizon Kompakt and Horizon Perfekt!

The “Kompakt” is a great choice for the quick shooter. The “Perfekt” is perfect for serious panoramic experimantation.

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The idea behind the “factory” is to bring a bit of green in your living room or working place. With it’s modern and fresh design it’s definitely an eye catcher. You can get it in two different sizes and the seeds are included. Simply plant them in, get them some water and watch your own feel-good-oasis grow. You can put it detached in the room or combine it with your bookshelf. The “factory” is made of waterproof material.

more looks and details after the jump…

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“YX?CX! Stencil Art Series 1” is the first part of a mutlipart series where we gonna introduce different Stencil/ Street Art artists to you! So stay tuned and enjoy the unbelievable, highly talented artists!

The one we gonna start with is EVOL an Berlin, Germany based artist. Probably words aren’t enough to describe his paintings so lean back and enjoy…

…after the jump!

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You might know the classic beauty Diana F+, now prepare for her new handy-dandy size sister “mini Diana F+”. Be ready for a revolution in analogue photography as with the “mini Diana F+” you can shoot retro square format plus the amazing Half-Frame format which gives you the possibility of 72 shots onto one 35 mm film!

Take a look at the highlights to convince yourself:

– She is pocket sized and portable

– Shoot Half- Frame format (72 shots) or simply switch to square format (36 shots)

– Shoot multiple and long exposures

– Join the advantage of the build in cable release

– Flash plug compatible

– Tripod mount, perfect for night shots

– all types of 35 mm can be used!

Visit Lomography to get your very own and start shooting, starting from 50 USD.

More looks and details behind the jump…

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