Play Tunes is the monthly dropped post about music.

Don’t worry we won’t bore you with the latest chart breaker nor booty-shaker, no we’ll bring you titles which influenced us in some way of our daily life.

There might be some ass kickin guitar riffs and as well day dreamin songs which should make u think about your daily grind… So lean back and let the tunes speak for them self!

The first one after the jump…

This months absolute favorite: April March “Cet Air-La”


Elinor Blake aka April March was born in California, April 20,1965. She is an so called indie pop singer/ songwriter and as she was early confronted with France her songs are in English an French. Because of this fascination for France her songs do reflect the French 1960s pop music.

In 1987 March formed her first band “The Pussywillows”, 4 years later in 1991 the band broke up and March formed “The Shitbirds” which lasted until 1995. Since then March recorded as a solo artist.

Her best known work is the translation of “Laisse tomber les filles” as “Chick Habit.” The song has since been featured in a few Hollywood movies.

We’ll focus on the song “Cet Air-La” which appeared on the EP “Chick Habit” in 1995.

It’s a wonderful, deep song which lets u just melt away and escape from our daily grind… Enjoy

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