This month we focus on a French genius in electronic music: DATA

Take a few catchy pop hooks, infuse with a disco vibe, a smattering of synthetic/funk tempos and some sweeping, movie melodies, spice it up with a little club music to fill the dancefloor and you’ve got Data’s first out and out sound surfer album. This young French producer, just 23 years old, has mixed styles and influences to produce Skywriter – a modern, digital version of the golden age of groove, pop and dancefloor, lying somewhere between the disco revolution at the late Seventies and the resolutely FM style of the Eighties.


Génération 2010

A fan of hip hop as a teenager, this pure product of the Myspace generation and the Internet buzz got up to speed just three years ago by riding the second “French touch” wave. However, Data offers something else, something that sets him apart from the walk-on starlets who emerged in the wake of the Daft Punk revolution. Like the British singer-songwriter Calvin Harris, his closest musical relative, Guillon injects a healthy dose of disco funk into this futuristic, next-generation pop, reminding us more of Chic’s groove, the classiness of Shalamar and the dance-inspired sound of Quincy Jones, than current energetic techno hits with their take-no-prisoners sound.

In this regard, Skywriter, despite its deliberately low key production values compared with the bells-and-whistles wizardry of thirty years ago, has a strong orchestral vein, marrying vocal tones, choral and piano effects, hints of disco bass and funk guitar, keyboard harmonies and touches of rock, which in short is very far from the electro wave that first brought this artist to the recording shores.

This new pop family includes all of major current Anglophone producers, to which Data gives a respectful and modest nod. Whatever you think of the Timbaland/Timberlake tandem, Stuart Price and the Rythmes Digitales or the Outkast duo, this group of talented artists have all succeeded in their own way in reconciling seductive pop melodies, the modernity of the digital era and a few choice stylistic devices from the Seventies and Eighties.

behind the jump we gonna show you two tracks from the current album “Skywriter”…

Data “One in a million”


The next song is our absolutely favorite one! Check out “Verdict”



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