mini Diana F+…



You might know the classic beauty Diana F+, now prepare for her new handy-dandy size sister “mini Diana F+”. Be ready for a revolution in analogue photography as with the “mini Diana F+” you can shoot retro square format plus the amazing Half-Frame format which gives you the possibility of 72 shots onto one 35 mm film!

Take a look at the highlights to convince yourself:

– She is pocket sized and portable

– Shoot Half- Frame format (72 shots) or simply switch to square format (36 shots)

– Shoot multiple and long exposures

– Join the advantage of the build in cable release

– Flash plug compatible

– Tripod mount, perfect for night shots

– all types of 35 mm can be used!

Visit Lomography to get your very own and start shooting, starting from 50 USD.

More looks and details behind the jump…

camera classic Diana F+ and her little sister mini Diana F+



handy-dandy pocket sized to have her with you all the time

One Response to “mini Diana F+…”

  1. i love the overlapping effect by Diana F+…. but in Singapore, no photo shops would like to develop for you… 😦

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