Horizon Kompakt & Perfekt – Lomography…


openerAs we are all still stoked about the mini Diana F+ , YX?CX! would like to take that chance to introduce to you another two amazing Lomography cameras.

Open your eyes wide, and take it all in – the sweeping view ahead of you, and every detail in sight. From one side to the other, from the grounds up to the skies – a panoramic image tells more than just a story, but an experience like no other. It reveals things that you would normally overlook – captured in one stretch, in one click, in one pan of the swing-lens! Introducing the finest Russian 120° panoramic beasts in our Lomographic lineup – the Horizon Kompakt and Horizon Perfekt!

The “Kompakt” is a great choice for the quick shooter. The “Perfekt” is perfect for serious panoramic experimantation.

Take the jump for more looks and details…


perfektThe Horizon Kompakt:

Fixed settings, so you don’t have to worry about missing spontaneous 120° panoramic shots


– Multicoated OF-28P 28/2.8 120-degree glass lens yields bright colors and sharpness

– Uncoupled advance for easy double exposure

– Day and Night shutter settings available

– Fixed F/8 aperture

starting from 350 USD


perfektThe Horizon Perfekt:

Allows you to freely experiment with its variable settings. A pick for the serious panoramic pro!


– Intense colors and sharpness c/o the Multicoated OF-28P 28/2.8, 120-degree glass lens

– Allows easy double exposures

– Variable aperture and shutter settings allows unlimited creative option

– Tripod thread and cable release thread available for shake-free shots

starting from 500 USD

l_3Now it’s on you to choose…

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