LemonAid + ChariTea – A homemade revolution…



The in Germany based company LemonAid Beverages Gmbh made it to their purpose to create lemonade with the goal to make the world a better place, at least a bit. The ingredients are all fair trade and match the highest standard. By purchasing a bottle of their LemonAid or ChariTea you help them to support the farmers in South America and provide a better live for them as they get paid adequate prices for their products. Fairetrade supports the farmers and invests in social projects to increase their standart of living. Not enough LemonAid Berverages Gmbh donates a reasonable part of their turnovers after every business year.

LemonAid about thir products:

“We, the founders of LemonAid, do not want to just sell Leomade. But drinking to change the world, a little at least. That is why we gave up our jobs in the advertising and food industry and started to mix a truly sustainable lemonade. First while traveling in Sri Lanka, then in a small kitchen in the “Karoviertel”, today a small organic company based in Southern Germany helps us.”

more behind the jump…

ChariTea is freshly brewed tea with natural additions of fruit, not to be confused with the so-called ice teas, made from extracts, which are on the market today. ChariTea will be launched in three flavours to start with, all totally organic and Fairtrade-labelled. Tea is strongly connected to health and wellbeing, which is also reflected in the design.


Lemonaid is intended to be primarily served in bars, where it can be used either as a mixer or on its own. Both drinks are packaged similarly in a classic standard bottle that BVD selected, as it feels good in the hand and looks authentic rather than over-designed. Labels are avoided by having the graphics silkscreen printed directly onto the bottles, allowing a more integrated design.


Quality drinks, in quality bottles plus you’re doing something good while drinking them, for what more could you ask?

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  1. this is great… i blogged about it over at simple blueprint as well.

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