Diana Ready To Shoot Bag & Flash Bag…



We already informed you about the  launch of the new Mini Diana F+ earlier and now Lomography dropped a stylish leather bag to protect her bigger sister the Diana F+.

As it’s tough world out there for a plastic camera you should definitely go and buy your Diana this little practical “ready to shoot bag” made out of high quality organically finished (vegetable-tanned) leather. Of course it’s lightweight but durable withstand any hard knocks.It’s a completely new design form the earlier Diana Bag, they went right back to basics and created an entirely different bag which has been vigorously tested and is ready to shoot as well as everything else. If you want to shoot without taking your Diana F+ out of its bag, that’s no problem! The removable inner bag has specially embossed snap-buttons that attach onto the main Read to Shoot Bag. Slide your Diana F+ inside the inner bag then clip it into the main bag and you’re ready to shoot! Easy as that!

Highlights.pics and the Flash Bag behind the jump…


– organically finished (vegetable-tanned) leather

– removable inner bag, which allows you to shoot without taking the camera out of the main bag

– lightweight and durable

– tripod hole

– made in Egypt using ethical production practices


The Flash Bag…

Made out of the same leather like the Ready to Shoot Bag the Flash Bag comes with a practical snap-button to attach it to your belt.

The Highlights:

– organically finished (vegetable-tanned) leather

– snap-button

– made in Egypt using ethical production practices


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  1. great and I like it >.<

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