The idea behind the “factory” is to bring a bit of green in your living room or working place. With it’s modern and fresh design it’s definitely an eye catcher. You can get it in two different sizes and the seeds are included. Simply plant them in, get them some water and watch your own feel-good-oasis grow. You can put it detached in the room or combine it with your bookshelf. The “factory” is made of waterproof material.

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“YX?CX! Stencil Art Series 1” is the first part of a mutlipart series where we gonna introduce different Stencil/ Street Art artists to you! So stay tuned and enjoy the unbelievable, highly talented artists!

The one we gonna start with is EVOL an Berlin, Germany based artist. Probably words aren’t enough to describe his paintings so lean back and enjoy…

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You might know the classic beauty Diana F+, now prepare for her new handy-dandy size sister “mini Diana F+”. Be ready for a revolution in analogue photography as with the “mini Diana F+” you can shoot retro square format plus the amazing Half-Frame format which gives you the possibility of 72 shots onto one 35 mm film!

Take a look at the highlights to convince yourself:

– She is pocket sized and portable

– Shoot Half- Frame format (72 shots) or simply switch to square format (36 shots)

– Shoot multiple and long exposures

– Join the advantage of the build in cable release

– Flash plug compatible

– Tripod mount, perfect for night shots

– all types of 35 mm can be used!

Visit Lomography to get your very own and start shooting, starting from 50 USD.

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openerIf your bookshelf is a complete mess we found the perfect accessory for you! The “Animal Index” by  Sasagawa Hiroshi Tsukasa, helps you get some order back in your chaos and as a plus it spends a bit of hilarity. The index transforms your bookshelf into a kittenish landscape where animals seem to be escaped from your books…Get it at AssistOn!

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We sure know a lot of crazy stuff coming from Japan, here is another one!

“RichColorCRAYON” are crayons with multi-color! If you draw a line, you get automatically different colors. AssistOn promises: “Such a strange crayon makes anyone an artist.” Well, go buy and try…
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openerWhat we gonna see here is a closer look at the new Rob Dyrdek Collection. As you might notice the main stylistic element  water, shown through blue colors and pool ripple patterns.

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Carhartt decided to drop once again a limited 24″ BMX Crusier in cooperation with WETHEPEOPLE.

No question, the quality, functionality and style are self-evident due to the collaboration with WETHEPEOPLE one of the renowned BMX Companies worldwide. The combination of 80s design and the modern framework make this bike unique and a must have for every BMX enthusiast and Carhartt fan.The BMX comes with a whole list of special features like: Original Skyway Tuff Wheels, Carhartt “BLVD” Grips, salt attachment parts, a 3-piece crank and a leather seat and tube pad.

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